AutoSSL works but site still insecure?


May 30, 2016
Portage la Prairie
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We have a site on our server (Yes, the domain points to our server) that is showing insecure;
Running an SSL check (SSL Checker) shows zero issues
Going to domain.tld/cpanel or domain.tld/webmail shows secure.
I've removed & readded the autossl as well, the website still shows insecure.

I've checked over the servers config to ensure it wasn't using a non-standard port for https and its the standard 443
Any ideas on what I can try next?

- Oddly enough after 3 days of working on this, an httpd restart fixed it....
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! That almost sounds more like a caching issue than a server-side issue. If tools like SSL Checker and webmail showed the SSL working, it would have had to be installed properly in the Apache configuration. I don't really have another good explanation as Apache would have had to be restarted for the SSL to work in the other locations.