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Mar 4, 2021
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Hello, I currently have cPanel hosted on AWS, but as I'm from Brazil the cost ends up becoming high. I've already done a few things to lower this cost, but the cost of the EBS disk is still somewhat high, so I'd like to adjust that.

My question is, when I created the virtual machine I added 500GB EBS GP3, but currently only 39% (180GB) of the space is being used. My idea would be to reduce this space to later increase as usage.

However the AWS EBS service does not allow us to reduce directly on the AWS dashboard, I would like a suggestion from you how I can do this in the best possible way without losing data.

What would your suggestion be? Is there anything else I can do to reduce costs?

My cPanel is with Cloudlinux 8

Thank you all

P.S. I already use other services like S3, RDS (PostgreSQL).