AWstats showing wrong number of unique visitors


Jan 27, 2019
Jalalabad, Afghanistan
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When I open AWStats in CPanel it shows 2 unique users and 120 visits for the time span of Jan 1st to Jan 27th for the year 2019 but I am sure there are more than 200 unique visitors for my website for the mentioned period because in one of the pages I am logging user IPs for reporting purpose that shows more than 170 unique IP addresses logged for a single page which makes the report shown by AWStats false.

Can Any one help me with this issue?


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Nov 14, 2017
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Hello @walid-mashal

The stats that AWstats gather are obtained from the domain logs located at
To identify where the source of the issue lies you'd need to know the following:
1. What is present for these time periods in the domlogs. If you don't have access to the server to find this out you can view these in cPanel>>Metrics>>Raw Access

2. If the data in 1. is accurate are stats being processed without issue? Since you're listed as a website owner this part is something you'd need to work with your provider on.