[B]F.A.Q. Whow to access Awstats From Outside the control panel[/B]


May 29, 2003
Accessing Awstats from outside the control panel is easy.

Step 1.

Download awstats from http://awstats.sourceforge.net

Step 2.

Uncompress awstats-5.6.tgz

Step 3.

Copy the contents of the uncompressed cgi-bin folder from your hard drive to the user cgi-bin directory (this includes awstats.pl, awstats.model.conf, and the lang, lib and plugins sub-directories).

Step 4.

If necessary (should not with most Perl interpreter), edit the first (top-most) line of awstats.pl file that is
to reflect the path were your Perl interpreter is installed. Default value works for most of Unix OS, but it also might be

Step 5.

Move AWStats icon sub-directories and its content into a directory readable by your web server, for example /home/users/public_html/icons

Step 6.

Copy awstats.model.conf file into a new file named awstats.myvirtualhostname.conf. This new file must be stored in

Step 7.

Edit this new config file with your own setup :
- Change LogFile value with full path of your web server log file
(The path is:

- Check if LogFormat has the value "1" (it means "NCSA apache combined/ELF/XLF log format").

- Change DirIcons parameter to reflect relative path of icon directory.

- Edit SiteDomain parameter with the main domain name or the intranet web server name used to reach the web site to analyze (Example: www.mydomain.com).

- Change DirData to use the same Statics file than Cpanel Awstats and do not loose any entry.

Step 8.

Access AwStats by the URL:


That's all!!!

The AwStats will refresh the Statics every 24 Hours.

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Oct 1, 2004
awstats outside of cpanel

I have tried to use josheli's php script for viewing awstats outside of cpanel (entering the domainname, username and password in the php script which does a passthru of awstats.pl with those details.)

It sortof half works - the awstats left frame loads successfully but the default right frame takes a long time to load and most times it times out. However when I click on some of the specific stats links from the left frame like "search keywords" the right frame loads fine with the correct stats. I cant understand why this is happening?.

When I try to load the default right frame as this:
it times out(the source code shows it tried to download some of the html but got as far as the stylesheet code in the <head>, or if I refresh, then after the 4th or 5th time it does load some stats (a couple of tables).
BUT if I tack on a stat variable like for search keywords, the page loads fine

Anyone have any ideas? When I access this domains awstats from within Cpanel, they load straight away without any delay. The awstats.php script doesnt do much more than call the awstats.pl script with the username and password.