Back up accounts so that server does not run out of disk space


Apr 12, 2013
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

I have the following problem:
I have backup set-up to a remote FTP location. When the backup starts, one process starts packaging the user accounts and another one copies them to the remote location (and deletes the file afterwards). However, because the transfer process is rather slow, the result is that the server runs out of disk space.

Is there any way to configure the backup (I am using the new system) so that it does one of the following (could be a command line script):
1. Check available disks pace and do not package the next account in list until the available space is enough (there is space to backup the largest account for sure). The backup should resume automatically when the necessary space has been freed.


2. Processes each account individually (eg: packages the account and transfers it BEFORE starting to package the next account)


3. Process the accounts in user-defined batches - so that I can make larger batches for smaller accounts and add the larger accounts in batches with 1 or 2 accounts each.

Thank you,