Oct 3, 2013
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I'm in Forster on the East Coast of Australia about 300 km north of Sydney. I joined the forum today out of desperation. I had been getting heaps of spam then no email at all so I tried to get support from my hosting company I have waited about 3 weeks but nothing. I found out today that they have probably gone out of business. So I though I should download a copy of my website so I don't loose everything. My CPanel shows that I have exceeded my quota. When i tried to download the website via FTP I couldn't complet it because I have exceeded my quota. So i tried to delete some of the emails but I can't access them. So I tried to delete the email addresses but I can't because i have exceeded my quota. A big circle of no help! So I tried to post a question on the forum but I can't figure out what my support access ID is. I know I shouldn't ask here but I'm going nuts. Can someone please pass this on to someone who can help me.:)


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I recommend accessing your account via FTP to remove files that are taking up space in order to ensure you are not at your disk space limit.

Thank you.