Backup causing high loads


Jul 5, 2017
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My server uses cpanel 64. When cpanel backups run load levels rise and websites become unresponsive.
My server provider put in a ticket to cpanel a bit more than a month ago.

The problem appears to be that the ionice settings in TweakSettings/System are not respected, at least for the backup. So the backup hammers at top priority.

cpanel advised:

I have filed an internal case (CPANEL-13739) regarding this issue. I do not have an ETA as to when a patch for this issue will be released but you can follow our change logs (Change Logs - Change Logs - cPanel Documentation to determine the version of cPanel that this issue has been resolved in.

In the meantime, as a workaround for this issue, I found that you can manually set the ionice value of the running backup process with a command similar to the following:

ionice -n $IONICE_VALUE -p $PID

where $IONICE_VALUE is an integer between 0-7 and $PID is the process ID of the running backup.

This may work, but then it no longer an unattended backup.

I have been watching the change logs but case 13739 hasn't got a mention, and the problem persists.

Is there any ETA on this case?


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Apr 7, 2006
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CPANEL-13739 was a duplicate of CPANEL-13196, which is fixed in cPanel & WHM version 66. That version is available in our EDGE tier and will make its way to the CURRENT tier shortly.