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Aug 10, 2001
Right now, I have a cpanel server with both primary and secondary DNS on the server. What do I have to do to have another secondary or possibly a 3rd secondary server added to my list.

First, I know I have to make the appropriate additions in my registrar. I already have a dedicated IP on another box in a different location with BIND already compiled. Next, I just make up dns3.domain.com on my cpanel NS's and point it to this 3rd box.

How would I go about getting all the zone files over to the 3rd DNS? Do I just mass copy all the zone files into the appropriate directory on the box of the 3rd DNS?

So lets say I add my friends domain to my box. After adding it to my box, a zone entry gets created. Do I just copy this file over to the second box and just restart BIND or is there something I have to do?

Any ideas and thoughts will be greatly appreciated.