Backup Improvements for cPanel & WHM


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May 20, 2003
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New Blog post by Travis Ellis over on the cPanel Blog:

Backup Improvements for cPanel & WHM

"Backups are a crucial part of any hosting plan. The panic and worry of a site crashing can keep a website owner up at night. For many people, a website is more than a digital presence, a website is means of survival. Whether their site sells widgets or is ad sponsored, losing data is unacceptable. cPanel strives to provide a solution for backups, but the current system is old and needed to be reworked.

I recently got a few minutes with the team and asked them some important questions about the new backup system and how it will make the entire backup process better.

Why did the backup system receive updates?
The main reason is the system has not been updated since 2004. We wanted to include support for things like SFTP, WebDav, and arbitrary custom destinations. We also wanted to streamline the amount of time spent on the page."

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