Backup in other server external


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Aug 5, 2006
hi guys

I have a SERVER1 with cPanel
with 1 disk for /home and 1 disk of 8TB for backup (/backup)

and, I have a SERVER2 with cPanel
with 1 disk for /home
I want to create backup copies and store it in SERVER1->/backup/

How would you have to configure both servers, to do such configuration?
I want to store backup from server2, on server1 -> /backup


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Nov 14, 2017

For server 1:

  • you'd just enable backups and in the backup configuration set the path to the 2nd drive in the Configure the Backup Directory portion.
  • Click Save Configuration

For server 2:

  • You'd enable backups as you did in the first step
  • In Configure the Backup Directory - you can leave this as default and then select whether you'll want to retain a copy on this server or not
  • Click Save Configuration
  • Once the backups are enabled/configured - go to the Additional Destinations tab
  • Select the "Destination Type" since you'll be transporting to your server you'll most likely just want to select the type based on the protocol you'd like to use.
  • Enter in the details for the backup destination select "Backup Directory" I'd suggest setting this to a different directory than you're saving Server1's backups to
  • Save and Validate the destination

More information can be found in our documentation here: Backup Configuration - Version 84 Documentation - cPanel Documentation