Backup location as /home/cpbackup/ - Bad idea but...


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Jul 3, 2008
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At the weekend the flawless cPanel support helped me with issues caused by my / partition becoming full.

My backups are FTP'd and deleted after upload. However, _var_lib_mysql_.tar.gz writes when my backups start. I do have a lot of space on /home/

I know the legacy backup system does suggest backing up to /home/ is a bad idea. But if I do this for backups that are on FTP setting is this okay.

Will it stop _var_lib_mysql_.tar.gz from going into my / partition.

Finally, what is the _var_lib_mysql_.tar.gz actually used for?

Many thanks in advance.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

This is a backup of your entire MySQL directory. You can modify the databases section in the backup configuration page to "Per Account Only" to avoid backing up the entire MySQL directory. Assuming your files are deleted after backing up and moving them via FTP, I see no harm in backing up this file to your /home directory if necessary.

Thank you.
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