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Jan 19, 2007
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Right folks,
I've just moved servers, only to realise that the new server has the partitions set up differently to my old one.

The old server had a partion set up and mounted as /usr which /usr/home is under.

I set cpbackup to dump to /usr/local/backups and there was no problem as the /usr partition had tonnes of free space.

On the new server, it appears that the OS has been installed with a 15Gb /usr partition and a separate partition which is symlinked to /usr/home.

This means that all of the free disc space is under /home

I know the cpbackup config says setting the location to /home is a very bad idea but does anyone know of any way round this? I can't rebuild the server now that I've just shifted everyone onto it :eek:

The way my backups work is that they are done locally, along with some other manual backup scripts and then everything is uploaded at once by a separate ftp script to an offsite location.

There simply isn't enough space on any partition except /home