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Oct 12, 2002
I hope this makes sense.
I had domain.com and it's mail on an IIS box as ns1.domain.com.
I want to move it to the cpanel box.
So I set up ns2.domain.com, muddled through the dns detailed instructions by ITF (thanks!) and it seems to be running great.

Now to the problem...I still want the mail for domain.com to be handled by the IIS box (at least for now). When I create an account for domain.com on the cpanel box, I edit the dns zone to make sure the MX record points to ns1.domain.com. But mail for domain.com is still getting deleivered to ns2.domain.com (cpanel box).

The only way I have been able to stop it, is by deleting the domain.com account. Not a fix at all.

I'm so new I don't even know how to frame this question...any one know a solution or at least the question to look for?