Feb 23, 2003
OK I have seen the same question asked but everybody failed to correctly interpret it so never answered it.

Firstly let me say I do not want people to just come here and say 'do not backup to a single drive it's not worth it blah blah blah' like so many others have. Assume that I really WANT to backup on a single drive - just humour me.

Now here is the problem.
I have 5Gb of space in the home directory being used which means I need about 10Gb of space to backup the files (don't worry about my space - the backups will be deleted as soon as they have been transferred off the server). Now of course ONLY the home directory has enough space to backup the files but I CANNOT use the home directory to back the files up into. Is there a way of utilising some of the home directory space for placing backups without causing any problems? If not then it appears the backup option is not useable at all on a single drive.

Now let me reiterate the reason I want to do this. I want to backup the files on the SAME hard drive and then I will have them sent off of the server and they will be DELETED. They will only exist for a very short amount of time thus I do NOT need a second hard-drive.

Sorry if I have gone over this point too much but I've just spent an hour reading posts by people who, rather than read and understand the question being asked, leapt in to say 'don't backup to a single drive' etc etc Support Ticket Number: