Backup script for all cpanel users on a server?


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Jan 13, 2011
I run many servers that host hundreds of shared hosting accounts.

I would love to be able to modify this php script:

across all accounts on a cPanel server.

The problem is that obviously I would need to know each users login name and password and be able to change passwords when the user changes their passwords. I would also need to know what skin the user is using and be able to change it when/if they change it.

Is there a way for an Admin to be able to get usernames and passwords for all cPanel accounts, or somehow have the ability to automatically use an admin username and password for each account?


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Mar 13, 2004
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There isn't a way for an admin to get user passwords as they aren't stored unencrypted for security reasons. You could probably make a way to use an admin password, but I think it's worth stepping back from the problem for a moment and defining what you actually want to accomplish.

If it's a backup for all accounts, perhaps you could create that backup and make it available somehow.