Backup server to external hard drive recommendations?


Aug 9, 2016
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I don't have much experience with managing a server and am new to WHM, but ended up semi-responsible for an SME's server for multiple websites/databases. I was asked to figure out a way that an office staff member could backup everything to an external hard drive, and was wondering if there were any suggestions of a user-friendly way to do this. I know it is easily done for an individual account on cPanel, but is there any way WHM can do something similar but more comprehensive? I couldn't find anything, but may have missed a feature.

Right now, I have a compressed backup stored locally on the server. I figured my best option was going to be configure backups to store locally, and then leave the staff member to download this to an external HDD on a schedule. I added ConfigServer Explorer to WHM, but don't seem to be able to download directories, only the tar files individually. I tried to use scp in the browser terminal CSExplorer provides, but this failed as well. I am trying to avoid having the staff member ssh in.

I've done some Googling and not found anything, any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!



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Apr 11, 2011

You may also want to consider connecting/mounting the external drive to the system if possible, and then using the options available under "Additional Destinations" in "WHM >> Backup Configuration" to store backups to an additional local directory. The option is documented at:

Backup Configuration - Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Otherwise, "rsync" is a good utility for copying over data.

Thank you.