Backup through WHM fails at mysqlcheck


Feb 20, 2019
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Every time I try to run backup in WHM, either through the nightly automated schedule or manually, it fails when it starts using mysqldump. So I ran mysqlcheck to see if anything is wrong with the database and that's where I found that mysqlcheck will crash MySQL every time. Once the check gets to a big table, the check stops and MySQL restarts itself. I know it's not something wrong with the particular table because the table it stops on is not always the same and I can also use CHECK TABLE on it in phpMyAdmin and it shows that it's fine.

Backing up was working fine until recently. My database is a little over 20 GB and the VPS plan I have with my host has 6 GB of dedicated RAM. After looking at it for a while they got back to me and said I will need to upgrade my plan with them because I need more RAM for this to work. Does this sound right or could there be another solution without spending more money?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @T1531,

Could you open a support ticket so we can take a closer look at the affected server? You can post the ticket number here once it's opened and I'll link this thread to it.

Thank you.