Backup to Google Drive using incremental


Jan 29, 2018
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Hi Team,

Apologies I am just trying to figure out the best and cheapest way to backup WHM server running CloudLinux .

I believe the WHM integrated backup feature is good enough for our use as our clients dont really require backup functions within the cpanel or anything like this.

Currently on our old server I was using Google Drive "Compressed" mode. But as we now have a larger server and will have a larger amount of data I am concerned that daily backups of all data will use up our dedicated servers bandwith per month quickly.

My question is can we backup to Google Drive using incremental? The reason I ask is I believe this will lower bandwith usage each night? Correct?

I have searched forums and looked in the WHM backup in console and its confusing and I cannot seem to get a clear answer on the backup function and if incremental works with Google Drive or not?

Can some one please clarify if Google Drive will work with incremental backups? Also is there a way to restore directly from Google Drive backup folders to the server from within WHM itself?


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @DevTeam9200

The Google Backup Drive remote location for backups does not support incremental backups. Only destinations that support rsync support incremental.