backups are not being deleted


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Oct 29, 2007
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I would also mention that the local backups are not being deleted even when using remote ftp. I got a warning this morning that /home was at 100% and when I checked in /home/backup there were 10 days of backups still stored in there and I would have expected them to be gone.

When I checked the other servers it was the same story.

This is the setting I have in all three servers and they are sending the backups to the remote ftp backup server BUT not deleting them locally..

Backup Status = Enable
Backup Type = Compressed
Backup Daily = yes (mon-sun)
Retain Backup = 14 days (so I think this will keep 14 days of backups on the remote server?)
Backup Month = yes (1st and 15th)
Retain Backup = 2 days.
Backup Access Logs = yes
Backup Bandwidth Data = yes
USe local dns = no
Backup system file = yes
Backup Sql databases = Per Account and Entire MySQL Directory
Default Backup Directory = /home/backup
Retain backups in the default backup directory = no
Mount Backup Drive as Needed = no
Destination Type = FTP

Any ideas?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Feel free to open a support ticket so we can take a closer look:

Submit A Ticket

You can post the ticket number here so we can update this thread with the outcome.

Thank you.