Sep 9, 2003
Orlando, FL
I have run into a strange situation where a client has created subdomain accounts off their main account in WHM. Everything seems fine functionality wise however bandwidth used by the subdomains is being counted toward the subdomains account as well as the master account. It should not be adding to the bandwidth usage of the master account since the account was created in WHM and not as a subdomain in cPanel, but the bandwidth under 'view bandwidth usage' lists the subdomains twice, once under the main domain (as a cPanel subdomain) and the 2nd time as an individual account.

If all this makes sense. I also need to point out that I have other domains/subdomains on thsi server that do not have this problem where they are listed twice and counted twice. My question is how do I edit out the subdomains from the master account since they should only be reported as individual accounts?

Removal and recreation did not work as WHM remembers the domains.

cPanel.net Support Ticket Number: 31728