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Jan 31, 2003
I have a slight Problem with Bandwidth Logging for all Domains. After installing CPanel i was wondering why there are the used Bandwidth for all Domains is after 2Days still 0 bytes used. Checked httpd.conf and there was no entry for the bytes_log module. Also these module was never compiled by the installer. So i compiled mod_bytes_log and mod_bwlimited an copied ti /libexec/apache. I have run the initbyteslog command from the Script Directory and the Logging Lines where inserted for all Domains in httpd.conf. Restarted Apache and the domain_bytes_log Files in the ../domlog Dir where created also the transfered bytes inserted in the Files. After one more Day the Bandwidth for the Domains are still 0 . /var/cpanel/bandwidth/ Directory is still Empty there where no files Created. So did i missed something to get this to work ?