Sep 16, 2002
Quick question,

Since WHM/Cpanel checks bandwidth for each account at midnight american time this is causing a problem.

Since 80% of my clients i've obtained from forums they for example post a link to a 500kb video they made, and since these forums i frequent on a quite day have 500active members alot of people within 1-2hours click the link and the user who payed for 5gig of bandwidth uses over 100gig over an hour and a mear 23hours later his account finally get suspended with his total nearning 110gig.

Now how can i make WHM more efficent on suspending account? this happens to me regulary and its buggin me, anyway to change it to update every 45mins? via root access?

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Mar 23, 2002
Alberta, Canada
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In WHM & Tweak Settings, you will see this:

Number of days between processing log files and bandwidth usage (default 1, decimal values are ok): 1 is the default.

By changing this to a decimal, you should be able to get WHM to do frequent checks during the day. I share your pain as I once had a Client do something similar; although it was only 25GB for the one day period.


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Feb 23, 2003
Is there a script that can be run to update the bandwidth usage at the time of your choosing?

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