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Jul 19, 2003
Hi Y'all,

As I mentioned previously, cPanel did a wonderful thing with the design of the Bandwidth page.
I have one more suggestion/added feature:

I'm alerting users when I see they are running high on their usage. Just giving them heads up msg.
What I do is, I take the day of the month and devide it by the number of days in the month and get that percentage.
Then I check to see if the Bandwidth used Percentage is higher or lower. If the Bandwidth Usage percentage is higher than the Days in Cycle Usage percentage, I know the user is going to be blocked eventually.
But I'm a lazy person :D so, I'd like that added as a feature into the cpanel.

As a suggested looks, see the pic below:
The only change I would make to the image I created would be instead of
Days in Cycle Usage (30)
I would like to see:
Days in Cycle Usage (3/30) indicating we are in the 3rd day out of the 30 (hence the 10%).

Anyone else?