Bandwidth Usage page,.. can we have usage for GB and %?


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Jul 19, 2003
Hi there,

Currently GB/MB and % are mixed together.
If you try to sort by Usage, you actually sort by MB/GB usage.
I want to be able to sort also by % Used and also display on the very top near the Dec 2004 in the center,.. or just below it, , % of the days in the Month

Now,. why would I need that?
very simple:

I know that today (as of this post) we are at the 12 of December. That is: 12/31 or 39%.
I have few customers who have used 60% of their bandwidth, yet, they have 10GB of bandwidth while others who have used 30% of their bandwidth have 30GB permitted.

So,. what happens here is, I don't have a true picture of who is going to be maximizing their package,.. unless I compare the % of bandwidth used.

If a user has used 45% of his package,. regardless of how much GB/MB, I know he is going to exceed the package's setting. Because he has passed the % of the days used in the month.

I can alert users to upgrade their accounts in advance if I had the sorting of % as well as the GB/MB sorting.

Also, as mentioned,. I would prefer if the % of days used will be done for me.

Just my $0.02.