basic ftp question


bob c3

Greetings. I have been having trouble accessing ftp accounts created with webhostmanager. Please help.

Through WHM i create an account at
login = accountx
password = passx

now i go to IE 6 with folder view for ftp enabled. what do i type in the address box? what is the username? what is the password?

Sorry if this seems pretty stupid, but...

Also, i enabled uploading for anonymous users (i know it is a bad idea, just trying to work around the above scenario for now). when i login as anonymous i am still unable to upload. even when folder permissions on public_ftp are 777.

Help would be apprecieated.



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Oct 1, 2001
You should be creating the account as

(without the www)

The FTP details would then be:

ftp username = account username (accountx)
ftp password = account password (passx)

If you then create addtional FTP accounts via the domain's control panel the details change.

ftp username = nominated username (in form of [email protected])
ftp password = nominated password

If you have enabled anonymous FTP this account will require an IP address (not a shared IP - my understanding from some other posts) and you will only be able to upload into the incoming/ directory.