Basic help syncing: Horde Calendar ++ Outlook 03 ++ Funambol (please)

Robert Z'dar

Jan 31, 2011

Just registered to post this, would appreciate getting this straightened out!

I'm desktop-technical but not massively web-technical; cPanel has been provided for me as part of a basic hosting agreement. I have a few domains hosted in the same place, and am experimenting with getting an email account flowing for one of my domains.

I decided to work with Horde (instead of Roundcube or Squirrelmail) because Calendar sync is important to me, and Horde seemed to be the only option offering that.

So ... According to Wiki :: SyncHowTo : " The sync URL is http(s)://pathtoyourhordeinstall/rpc.php "

I've thought about this for minutes at a time, and can't settle on what the path to my Horde install is really supposed to be. That's all (I think) I need help with right now.

I copied the URL of the webmail page (IP address: port/horde/index.php), changed it to rpc.php instead, and tried configuring Funambol like that (I'm not attempting to use SSL).

Horde Calendar entries aren't showing up in Outlook, and Funambol's log shows: "HttpSendRequest error 12150: The requested header was not found"

I'm reading this as an addressing fault on my part ... But as I wrote earlier, I just can't figure out what the path to my Horde install is supposed to be.

Does 'my' Horde installation exist somewhere on the hosting account / cPanel? Or somewhere within the domain I've hosted? I haven't installed it anywhere myself, but it looks like it's been made available to me, so ...

I'd be grateful if someone here could advise me what / where the URL is I'm looking for.




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Oct 2, 2010
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I believe this may well not yet be supported if it requires CalDav to work for the sync to function. CalDav is not yet part of WebDisk (WebDAV):

Of note, here's a discussion of another user who went through this process of trying to get something similar working with Horde to sync:

Horde Calendar sync

It simply didn't work due to CalDAV not being supported yet in that environment with cPanel.

Robert Z'dar

Jan 31, 2011
Thanks Tristan.

Some quick 'research' on what a CalDAV is when it's at home reveals I'm very likely way out of my depth on this forum.

But your advice and the content of the thread you linked to seem pretty clear.

I'm just going to stop bothering with this, and settle for my phone syncing with Outlook (which was a battle in the first place).

Thanks again