Basics of Restoring and using Backup


Apr 1, 2021
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Hello Everyone!

I'm quite new to this world. So I'm gonna ask some really dumb questions.

I had a problem with my webstore. The configurations were off, like images gone and product description lost.

I asked my server for help. Told me to run a backup, with jetbackup.

The question is, what should I run a backup on? Database? Files? Public_html only?

I hope I get some help and learn more


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! If your host includes JetBackup as part of their plan, it's a great tool. You'd want to back up everything, as you would need the databases to fully restore the account.

cPanel also has the Backup Wizard option if you just wanted to run one backup, but depending on the options available from your provider, you may be able to automate JetBackup to run on a schedule.

It would be best to speak with the provider to see what options you have available inside the JetBackup software on your side and then use that to automate backups. However, you'd likely still want to download those backups to a local disk in case something happens to your account.
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