BBS Web app Admin internal links redirect back to login page

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centos 6.10
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Jan 9, 2021
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Hi, I am having an issue with the Administrator login for my TetraBBS portal.
After successfully logging with Admin privileges at:
I am directed to:
however, the internal links are redirecting back to the login page. For example, there is a link to messages posted, and if I hover on it, it points to:;md=parklist;src=moderate
but when I click it is redirecting back to the login page.

Right before the issue, the disk space was at 97% capacity of 60GB. To resolve the issue an extra disk space of 60GB was added. Error log file which was at 37 GB was deleted from the server and backed up on personal computer. There is plenty of free disk space now. However the problem still persists.

Here are the cPanel and WHM version details:
  • cpanel_and_whm:​
  • operating_system_name: centos​
  • operating_system_version: '6.10'​
Any help to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I wouldn't expect disk space to change how the site redirects you after being logged in. This might be a better question for the TetraBBS team as cPanel doesn't control how those redirects happen. The only thing I can recommend on my end would be to check the .htaccess on the domain and specifically in the bbs directory to see if there is anything odd there that would be causing this.