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Before buying Cpanel - Some Questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by forquato, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. forquato

    forquato Active Member

    Aug 27, 2009
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    i`m planning to use cpanel with awbs (billing system)

    Some Questions:

    1. Does anyone know whether awbs and cpanel works fine together?

    2. Is it possible to give some rights to a specific customer to change the DNS-Entrys for his domains?

    - Example:
    The customer orders a package (with 1 Inklusivdomain):
    Under this Package he wants to order some more domains.
    4. Is it possible?

    A customer orders a package. Some time later he is intrested in having a shell-access. Is it possible to offer some upgrades for the packet?

    Is it possible to edit the PHP-Preferences per customer or domain ?

    Does the Apache from Cpanel support mpm_prefork?

    Does the Apache from Cpanel use fcgi or fastcgi to execute scripts?

    And the last Question:

    Have had anyone anytime integrated Maia to the CPanel?

    Thank you for your answers.

  2. Spiral

    Spiral BANNED

    Jun 24, 2005
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    You may have a little bit of setup to do but that will work just fine!

    Only if you make the user a reseller and allow DNS edit access in WHM

    Users cannot edit DNS themselves but they can change the mail exchange
    if you leave that feature enabled for users in Cpanel.

    As an administrator, you do have a full DNS editor in WHM however!

    As a side note, I do not recommend allowing users direct DNS editing access
    as they can far too easily bring down your entire server or do other bad
    things either deliberately or purely accidental. As Cpanel automatically sets
    up the DNS for any added domain or subdomain, there is really no need to make any adjustments to DNS zones under "normal" conditions and the few exceptions now and then you can probably handle yourself as that would be a whole lot safer.

    You can customize any specific feature limit independent of the package plan
    and yes you can go in and increase the number of "addon" or "parked" domains for any single client without effecting everyone globally.
    Yes, of course (See last answer). For marketing these types of upgrades, I'd recommend looking into a 3rd party theme addon package called "RvSkins" which includes a fairly decent "upsale" system to market upgrades to customers from within their Cpanel control panels.

    Absolutely and there are different ways of doing that depending on
    how your PHP is configured be it DSO (not recommended), phpSuExec (CGI), or SuPHP (DSO controlled CGI). I would be the definitive expert on the
    subject and can setup really cool automatic custom PHP configs for
    individual accounts or hosting plans that most probably wouldn't think
    about being able to do. For that item, you probably want to talk to me
    on the side and I can help you with that.

    Now regarding the same question from Cpanel --- No, Cpanel does not
    allow users to directly edit their PHP settings from the control panel but they may or may not have access elsewhere depending on what you setup.

    The Apache with Cpanel supports whatever you choose to compile!

    Cpanel has a utility called EasyApache which is a menu driven system to
    compile Apache any way you wish and with whatever options you like
    and YES it does support mpm_prefork directly from the compile menu.

    Same answer as last question. You can choose to compile this if you like.

    I personally don't recommend that if you are running PHP as SuPHP as
    it will actually slow down your PHP instead of accelerating it but it is
    okay for general CGI use (Perl / Python scripts).

    The default mail server with Cpanel is Exim and works fine with Maia
    although that would not be officially supported obviously as it is
    a 3rd party customized add on outside the scope of Cpanel.

    However, there shouldn't be any trouble and I have seen a few
    server users with that added to their Cpanel configuration.

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