Beginner Level questions about services / chkservd


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Jan 1, 2015
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Since the latest update to CPanel, I've been getting daily emails about services I have which are no monitored. I figured out how to set up monitoring... but I am wondering if I need all of the services. Here are 3 services which I don't think I need (so I could disable them) -- these may be dumb questions, but I want to double check to be sure none of these services is doing something important that I'm not aware of.

cpdavd -- I think this is for some sort of FTP alternative system that I don't use? Any reason to keep this enabled?

dnsadmin -- I use remote DNS/nameservers for the domains on the server. Under Nameserver Selection, I've selected the option "Disabled". I've never used cpanel to enter DNS information except for the "Add an A entry for Your Hostname".. Is there any reason I need dnsadmin running?

ipaliases -- I only have one IP on my server and my hosting company is very stingy about multiple IP's - so highly unlikely that there will ever be more than one IP on my hosting account. Is there any reason I need ipaliases running?

I've disabled these in Service Manager for now, but I wanted to double check just in case.