Being Probed for Relaying

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Although, only one attempt was made and that was unsuccessful &this time&, I'm wondering what I can do to verify no Relaying can be done and/or beef up where I can?

There used to be an online tool for checking open Relays, which has now shut down the service. No doubt, being used by Spammers &looking& for open Relays. The thing is, I had used this tool when it was available and, while using a Reseller Cpanel at the time, it showed relaying was available. It was my understanding that Exim has &relay& turned off by default?

Two excellent pages specific to Exim and Relaying are: and

I see Relaying is going on though, between Client accounts (AOL only seems to use only Relaying) and also with sites like DarkOrb itself -- from Emails &I've& sent them.

Although, /usr/doc/exim-3.36/README has some good info, I do not have the confidence to just start editting files. As Exim seems to be in a variety of directories and, knowing I have a lot to learn yet about Exim, not wanting to disturb current files, I'm wondering where to find the files I would need to work with.

Any thoughts...