May 13, 2006
I have a Cpanel/WHM server with about 40 sites on it. Currently, the backup configuration is set to "Restore Only." There is only one drive in the system but we have purchased remote FTP backup services from my provider. It is up to me to set up the remote account with the structure I will use.

Since it is on the same network as my server, transfer times using FTP should be relatively quick.

What is the best practice to use here? Should I backup using WHM daily and then set up another script to transfer the files to the remote server daily, or weekly? Or should I just use the remote FTP feature of WHM's backup and stick them on the remote server daily?

If I configure WHM's backup to do backups locally, can I just specify a directory name (like "/backup") off the server's root directory?

Do backups created with WHM's backup feature create a filename structure similar to what is used when you do a Cpanel Full Backup? Does that mean you have to routinely delete old backups off the remote FTP server?