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Dec 16, 2020
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Best, as in full featured? That will work in a web browser?

Rainloop seems to work well, but individual pricing is a little pricy?

Roundcube is meh. No zip feature to download multiple sent images, and no way to mark a sender as spam. It seems to be a minimal featured solution.

Horde (for some insane reason) does not default to HTML, and has to be reset to use HTML when it receives an update (dumb).

What are you guys using for your clients?

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 12, 2021
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Hey there! We typically only recommend Horde or Roundcube as they come available with the installation of cPanel/WHM. More on what these can offer can be found here:

It is possible, however, to customize these webmail applications for your needs. We've also got some documentation with examples on how some of our provided webmail clients can be customized, here:

Lastly, I was able to find the following article that suggests a few open-source webmail applications. While Horde and Roundcube are also included in this list, there a few others listed that you may be interested in as well:

I also found the following plugin available online that presents a new webmail option availability within cPanel WHM that you may be interested in:

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