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Apr 27, 2005
I made a thread several months ago about the best method to backup, we're still running into occasional issues so I wanted to hear what other people are doing.

Currently, we have a secondary disk on each server to store the backup files, we only backup on Sunday and Thursday due to the fact it takes so long to run the backups (12+ hours) and during the backup the CPU (I/O, mostly) is pegged. There's a good 500+ accounts on each box, so it's perfectly normal for it to take that much time.

We only do incremental backups, we believe the biggest issue is the mysqldump which is taking up the CPU.

I know there's R1soft out there for backups, which most people use (that are our size) however I don't like the fact that we can't restore a single account with R1soft if it gets accidentally deleted. R1 is good for a entire server restore though.

So, with that said... Do you have 500+ accounts on cPanel servers and backup daily? If so, how do you do it (without R1)?


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Dec 23, 2003
Same deal. For years, I've used a separate drive for WHM backups of all my domains and then once a month I'd FTP them out to an off-site public network NAS system. Cumbersome, but reliable and convenient for restorations. (Massive vBulletin forum and classified system, 750k posts, 50k members.)

Now I have a private network NAS system with WHM doing daily backups. It cuts down on bandwidth consumption, but I just don't like it. This has proven to be unreliable and you cannot get to the private NAS in case of switching to a new server from another company.

My current server is a RAID-10 box so there is no sane way to store backup files on it. I'm hoping that there is a way to add an extra drive that is not on the RAID controller. Otherwise, I too am looking for a better way to do backups, R1soft or others. Thanks for the above comments about R1soft, I'm just not sure about them yet.