Best Practice in choosing the correct "Primary Domain"?


Dec 2, 2013
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Hi All,

Completely new to Cpanel and WHM, so forgive the elementary question.

I host my own business site (completely unrelated to webdesign etc) as well as a few "charity" sites and a couple of sites for business associates/friends that reimburse me for my effort.

When I set up the account, I was prompted to enter a domain. I picked one of the domains at random, a minor one - by virtue of it being the first one I wanted to transfer from a different host.

It now appears this has become the "Primary Domain", which seems to be somehow significant - used to gain access to the WHM account management etc.

Should I have registered a new domain purely for the purpose of being the Primary Domain? I am worried that if I discontinue this minor domain at some stage and consequently change the Primary Domain, it will cause me administrative headaches related to the setup/configuration of the rest of the accounts.

Or should I have chosen a more "important" domain, such as my main business domain (again, all completely unrelated to webdesign etc) even though I am not ready to transfer the site from my current (plesk) host?

Not sure what the best practice is here. My hosting provider can still change the Primary Domain for me (for a fee) and I'd like to start on the right foot before further configuration/setup.



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Oct 24, 2003
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Makes no difference what you use as your primary domain even id you let it expire in the future
the log in will still function you can just enter via one of your other domains or via the ip
My hosting provider can still change the Primary Domain for me (for a fee)
if your provider is charging your a fee for this time to get a new provider


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Your hosting provider should be able to change the primary domain name associated with the account at any time through the "Modify an Account" feature in Web Host Manager. It's okay to use a domain name that you do not plan to use, but it may be a bit easier to manage if it's the domain name that you intend to work with the most.

Thank you.