Best Practices to create/image Prod to Test/Dev on identical VPS and sync using different DNS/IP


Apr 19, 2014
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This is high priority as we want to go live on e-commerce site 6-18 and need this to make a large number of changes and don't want to "test" on our production server.

I currently have two identical hosted VPS instances and would like to know the steps and/or best practices to create an "apples to apples" image for the purpose of installing patches, upgrades and configuration changes on the test/dev box prior to implementing them on the production server.

I am running Prestashop and know how to make the application, php and mysql changes however I am new to cPanel. I need a definitive guide to re-image development from production as needed using one of my many domain names. I bought an SSL certificate for the dev box so I could have as close to an identical configuration on test as I am running on production. I need an identical VPS setup (IP, SSL and Hostname exempt) so I can have a baseline machine to see how any changes will affect the Production VPS environment.

I know I can't be the only person to request this and sorry for any repetition however I can't find any good posts on this subject other than we're working on it. There has to be an example of how someone is currently accomplishing this.

I can find the raw files that I would normally change but I know that if I don't use the WHM tools then the changes will (probably) be stepped on and changed the next time I use easyapache or other cPanel/WHM tools. I have some other admins on this box that required cPanel/WHM.

I appreciate the high level guild to accomplish this task as I don't need screenshots or step-by-step detailed instructions in order to make the requested changes.

Thanks in advance!
James Stepp


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Apr 11, 2011
Re: Best Practices to create/image Prod to Test/Dev on identical VPS and sync using different DNS/I

Hello :)

I have moved this thread to the data protection forum so it has a better chance of being viewed by other users with similar setups. While this type of functionalty is not yet supported by cPanel, many users acheive this through custom configurations. Try searching for "mirroring" on our forums to see other threads on this topic. Also, feel free to add your input to the existing feature request:

Server configuration and data auto-sync (mirroring) | cPanel Feature Requests

Thank you.