Best way to create reseller accounts


Mar 29, 2002
Hi all. I've got to set up a reseller account for someone on my server, but I'm not entirely sure the way this is meant to be done. I created a new account for the domain he wanted to use for the reseller account and gave this domain the space/bandwidth that his reseller account was allowed. I then just went into reseller centre and set the nameservers etc...and the permissions for his account. So here are my bunch of questions:

The way I did it, the domain is under MY account. I was under the impression that his domain should be under his own reseller account. Any comments?

Say his reseller account consisted of 2GB space and 20Gb bandwidth, how do I set his limits? Is it when I create his account for his domain or is it under the reseller centre:

&Limit Accounts codect can create by Resource Usage:&

Thanks for any light you can shed on these issues.

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Aug 9, 2002
As you have to create his user account first that means it is under you so once you have given them reseller privileges you transfer the user account to his reseller one
Jul 12, 2002
[quote:27c7e84f4f][i:27c7e84f4f]Originally posted by zuby84[/i:27c7e84f4f]

How do i transfer the account to under his reseller account?[/quote:27c7e84f4f]
Use the &Change ownership of an account& link in your WHM. :)
Jul 12, 2002
Here's how I setup a reseller account -

(1). Free up an IP address at &Show/Edit Reserved Ips&

(2). Create account at &Create a New Account&

(3). Give that account Reseller privileges at &Reseller Center&

(4). Then edit the Reseller's account from the drop down menu at &Reseller Center&

(5). Then goto &Change ownership of an account& and move the domain you just setup to the reseller's account of the same name.

(6). I then access their Reseller's account and edit the DNS Zones to reflect their domain name etc...

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