May 30, 2003
Hey. newbie here.

I am setting up my first dedicated server and I am tring to determine how I should designate my IP's.

All of the virtual accounts will be on the primary IP, say Originally, I figured we would point our company's domain to its own ip

Then I realized it would be nice if we could show virtual clients, who haven't yet switched their domain over, their site in progress by telling them to go to Therefore it would be nice if was pointed to

So, is it possible (or should I say easy) to have our company's domain point to the ip with virtual accounts, but not have it as a virtual account itself. I figured I would put our company's website in /root/public_html and set that as the DocumentRoot.

But, if I did that, I would not be able to alter the emails etc through cpanel, unless i created it as a virtual account on the server. So, am I right to think the best (easiest) thing to do is create a virtual acount on the server for our company, and then point the DocumentRoot to its folder in the home dir.

The question is, if I did that would work? because would the server not know what to do since the domain name was in the request as well as the ~virtualaccount??

phew - very long winded. sorry. I'm new to this and my head is spinning. thanks in advance for any guidance!!

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