Best way to do whm backups?


May 25, 2010

I currently have a server co-located in a datacenter.
From this server i use WHM to do remote FTP backups to my home server.

Now, These backup files are single files of peoples accounts.

Say if a HDD fails on my server, I then need to replace it. Reinstall the OS, cPanel and then transfer all these files individualy?

There must be a better way?

Say if i could copy the whole HHD to my home server, HHD on the co-located server goes down.
All I need to do is grap the new HHD(s) from my house, move this backup to them from home and the take it to the datacenter and put them in.

If this is possible, if theres a better way to do it or im wrong then let me know!



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Jan 24, 2005
What do you mean by single files of accounts? If you are using the WHM backup function, you should be having the backup files in tar.gz format.

If you have a few accounts, it's better to keep the current backups going. It will be easy for you incase the HDD fails and you want to restore the accounts from the backup.

If you have a large number of accounts, I would say, configure backups using rsync. Backup your account files + cPanel files/directories holding account details. If the server HDD fails, all you need to do it, setup a new server with cPanel and re-sync all the backup files/directories on the new server. Thats it.