best way to have spamassassin filter forwarded email


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Sep 4, 2001
I have several customers that have email forwards from their domain hosted on my server to their ISP email account.

However the normal forwarder email set up with the Cpanel "forwarder" tool don't get scanned by spamassassin and the spam gets forwarded to their ISP and if it is Comcast they blacklist my entire server even though the spam didn't originate from my server. AOL and others do the same thing.

So I need to have spamassassin scan email before it is forwarded to the ISP address.

I have set up the below scheme, let me know if this is the best way to do it, or if there is an easier way.

1. I set up a POP account ([email protected]) for the email to be forwarded.
2. Enable Spamassassin in Cpanel and set it to autodelete at score of 5 or more.
3. Set a user level filter in Cpanel where if "to" equals the email account set up in 1 above ([email protected]) then the "action" is set to redirect the email to the desired ISP address.

Note that the Cpanel "forwarder" is not set up for [email protected].

So will the above use Spamassassin to get most of the spam before the email is forwarded? Or is there an easier or better way?