Best way to set up Nameservers, and Shared IP?


Oct 10, 2018
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Can someone explain how they typically set up a server's main host IP, Nameservers, and shared IP? I typically like to keep 2 IP's, 1 for each nameserver, and I like the shared IP different from the nameserver IP's. This way clients can all use the 2 IP's dedicated to NS1 and NS2 for any nameserver options they decide to run. This then leaves the shared IP for its own use.

So a scenario would be:
Server IP
Shared IP
Nameserver 1 IP (For main NS and other domain ND)
Nameserver 2 IP (For main NS and other domain ND)

This setup takes 4 IP's but then it only requires client domains to use the shared IP, or if they require a dedicated IP they can use one, but still use the general NS1/NS2 IP's.

Will mail then send properly and validate as it should in this scenario?

Is this a good way to set things up?

How are you all setting things up with IP's, Nameserver IP's, shared ip, and beyond?


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @Host4life

There's nothing wrong with this setup but you can also configure with just 1 or 2 IP's. It really depends on what you are offering. It is most optimal to have your nameservers on different subnets but in some cases this is unavoidable.