Best way to update cPanel/WHM


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Aug 22, 2005
Whats the best way to update cPanel/WHM??

I'm currently using Manual Update (Release Tree) and my current version is 10.6.0 R-55

I have had no problems so far with the version mentioned above. I would always like to keep it updated though.

I read someone suggesting to use /scripts/updatenow before doing a /scripts/upcp --force

i'm confused...should i simply do /scripts/upcp --force from the ssh or should i first do /scripts/updatenow or is there another script to run before or after updatenow.

Thanks in advance
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Jun 15, 2002
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If you want to upgrade yourself, then you should monitor the changelog on and the released versions of your tree on and when you see changes that you'd like to incorporate, simpyl run the following from root shell:


If you want automatic updates then change the settings in WHM > Update Config