May 11, 2009
Good afternoon,

I am beginner in question Hosting by not having the right techniques for managing a server.
I am at this time initiating a process of change and seeking datacenter try to improve this transfer to try to be transparent to my clients.

I have a dedicated linux with hundreds and more than 500 domains hosted server.

Currently I use my ns1 and ns2 on the same server, I saw the possibility of changing this by first making 2 server cluster in different locations using the cpanel dns only, am I right?

1. How is the operation that, if I have three servers, I can register them all to use the same two cluster and it will manage which server to point the site?

2 For a future transfer, would be as follows:. Would I take a new server would configure DNS and for that matter all my customers and then simply canceling the current server, since the cluster is pointed at them?

Maybe I did not understand the actual functioning of Cpanel DNS Cluster, sorry.


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Sep 26, 2006
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1. For the DNS clustering, move your second nameserver to its own server, then cluster NS1 to NS2. All your web servers should then only be clustered to NS1, and that will automatically sync to NS2

2. Before moving your sites, cluster the new server to NS1 (which would also be clustered to NS2), then simply move your sites over to the new server. The IPs for the sites will be updated automatically when they are moved.


May 11, 2009
So let me see if I understand I may have the following situation - Dedicated Server - 2 Dedicated Server - VPS Datacenter 1 - VPS Datacenter 2

PS: (This domain DNS Cluster I can use one that you already have as or must be a new example

If I already have a server in production that way - Dedicated Server - IP - NS1 in same Dedicated Server - IP - NS2 in same Dedicated Server - IP

I could migrate my DNS ns1 and ns2 for VPS 1 and VPS 2 without having to stop services on Dedicated?


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Apr 11, 2011
The method in which you explained your planned configuration seems a bit confusing. The ideal configuration would look like this if you have three or more servers:

Hosting Server 1 > Syncs To DNS-Only Sever 1
Hosting Server 1 > Syncs To DNS-Only Sever 2
DNS-Only Sever 1 > Standalone Role
DNS-Only Server 2 > Standalone Role

It's clearly explained here:

Guide to DNS Cluster Configuration

Thank you.