Better to have seperate cpanel user, or all 1 user for multiple sites?


Jan 31, 2011
Hi. I recently got new hosting with WHM/Cpanel.

I host a few personal sites, and then several client sites.

My question is, is it better to host all the sites under an individual username? Or is it all the same to have them under 1 user account, and have all the sites as addon domains, ala shared hosting?

When I mean "better" I mean for the server, and also for SEO reasons. Does it cause more file storage because there is now a new account, even though the files would be the same size whether on 1 account or spread among different users?

And is there any apparent SEO benefit, since a site is hosted as an actual site and can only be accessed via "", as opposed to an "addon" domain that can also be reached via ?

Sorry if this doesn't make sense. Im just trying to optimize my new shiny VPS server for all the websites, and I just came from shared hosting.

Thanks for any help!



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Oct 2, 2010
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Hello Jeffwar,

If you have client accounts, I would separate those accounts into their own cPanel user, since you might want to provide them with individual logins and their own control panel login. If you have them as addon domains, they will not be able to individually access cPanel for each account (only FTP access would be available to them).

As for SEO, search engines aren't going to pay attention to the directory structure for a domain in that manner. The only thing I've heard about possible SEO issues would be sharing the IP across accounts rather than using a dedicated IP for each one. If you want them to have different IPs, then they'd all have to be on their own accounts.



Jan 31, 2011
yes ip allocation is really the only issue you will run into. Other than that it is just a preference for convenience