Jun 2, 2007

I udated Cp to the latest version, all it's fine till the first call of one of my customers it seems that he can't access his mail boxes using webmail.

and he is right , first I thought that a services restart will resolve the problem, I did it from WHM and I got this

Sep 21 23:03:17 hosting exim: clamd shutdown succeeded Sep 21 23:03:22 hosting exim: exim shutdown succeeded Sep 21 23:03:26 hosting exim: antirelayd shutdown succeeded Sep 21 23:03:29 hosting exim: spamd shutdown succeeded exim has failed, please contact the sysadmin

same for imap, pop, ssh server, sql server

I tried --force using ssh it's work fine

when I use Microsoft Outlook, It's work fine too I can send and recieve messages
I can access my server using ssh
and websites using DBases are working fine too

I asked for tecnical help from the planet, they invesigated, and they tried to resolve the problem with a new Cp update (don't work) after that they recompile httpd, but no way, the asked for more time to invistigate

that's is

any ideas