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Dec 11, 2001
Suddenly BIND or APACHE or something else faild,
i did not add any new package or any kind of changes in last 3 days, and today suddenly none of domains are comming up.
i can see them with IP but not with domain name, I\'ve checked every thing, every thing seems ok,
is it because of new upgrades?
i\'ve restart the machine twice and WHM shows that every thing is up and ok.
any idea ?
thanks guys


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Nov 9, 2001
San Clemente, Ca
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Are you running this machine as a nameserver? If so then named probably died. Check to see if named is running.

ps aux |grep named

You should see some named process\'s running. If it\'s not running you can try to restart it but most likly you have a problem in your named.conf. Check it out. So far i\'ve seen 2 people with a named.conf that has improper spacing that caused bind to crash. Bind 9 is very unforgiving so make sure all the spacing is right.

This is one reason why i dont like to run shared machines as nameservers. I run nameservers on a dedicated machine that only runs djbdns. We run a control panel called NicTool. We just had it implemented. So far it\'s a great little utility. Hope this helps.