Blacklisting IP's in Host Access Control blocks FTP connections?

Kamil Brand Nova

Nov 28, 2018
New Ross
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Root Administrator
Hi, I recently added a rule in the Host Access Control to deny all IP addresses except my own in Host Access Control in the WHM. When I try to connect to FTP myself it all works fine but when a developer with a different IP (Working Remotely) tries to connect, the FTP connection times out for him. I can still see the logs of him being connected in the FTP connections in the cPanel but it doesn't let him get in it basically gets stuck on Listing Directories and then it sends an error that connection timed out. If it is a case of blocking the connection, that's a fairly strong feature (Security Wise).


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Kamil Brand Nova,

Can you browse to WHM >> FTP Server Selection and verify if your system uses ProFTP or PureFTP? Pure-FTP does not support TCP wrappers, and thus won't work with the /etc/hosts.allow file on the system (WHM >> Host Access Control is simply a UI for this system file). Thus, if you're using PureFTP, then the issue presented to the remote user relates to your firewall configuration as opposed to your host access rules.

Thank you.