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Oct 21, 2004

I used the script provided by to create 404.shtml error pages as I had not included a default 404.shtml page in the cpanel3-skel directory.

Name: fix404errors Version: 0.1 Downloaded: 1770 times
Tired of seeing the 404.shtml cannot be found in the error_log? This script runs thru your system and creates 404.shtml for every user who doesnt have one. It also creates one in the cpanel3-skel dir. Depending on how many 404.shtml errors you get per sec this may help with cutting down some read/writes on your harddisk.

The problem is that the script created BLANK 404.shtml pages for all the domains. So instead of displaying any error message... the sites now just display a blank page.

I will now have to manually create the 404.shtml page for each domain and there are hundreds!

Is there a way to automate the process of creating 404.shtml pages for all domains on the server?

Thanks for your help!