Blank page issue with modules.php links not working.


Dec 11, 2012
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Website Owner
The Owsley County History and Genealogy Society

I'm trying to help the site administrator fix an issue that happened after they were trying to change something. I can't seem to figure out what they messed up, they seem to think it was an outside attack, but I'm not familiar with the cpanel or coding to figure out whats wrong.

I've read through the site error log and seem to be coming up with this error since the problem started:
Call to undefined function themeheader() in /home/owsley/public_html/header.php on line 52

I've replaced the header.php file (from public_html/header.php), as well as the theme.php (public_html/themes/Sand_Journey/theme.php) with versions from a site backup from 2008.

Still having this issue repeatedly in the error log since then. Anyone got any ideas?