Block all local domain email not from my server.


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Dec 11, 2012
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I keep getting spam using my domain from address being sent to the same to address as that email account. I find this irritating. If I have all the server security/SPF/DKIM etc on why on earth is this rubbish not being rejected? It's clearly not from my server and my server is the ONLY legitimate source of my domain from address so one from anywhere else with my domain on it should be binned as far as I am concerned.

I only send my domain email via my own server's smtp therefore any mail that is not sent from there from my domains is FAKE. How do I stop it?

Is there a handy rule about stopping all email where the from and to address are the same? That would do it as well.

I have a blacklist with several domains in the ACL and also referenced in the transport section. If I put my own domain in there will it bypass that for local addresses ie legitimate ones I've sent for testing or will it block all of them? I also wouldn't want it to have the result of blocking all email to my domain from everywhere else as some of it is legit (but none with my from address from another server)

What's the best way of doing this?

Is it possible to add some kind of dns record so that any other mail server can check to make sure that it is only my server that has sent mail from my domain? It seems to me some kind of whitelist method is also needed so that these oxygen thieves sending spam are cut off at the knees.